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Down the Swanny  by  Denise Kirton


Quajalosh Miss Attitude of sabisabi AKA "Sassy" never ceases to amaze me.  

Out working a few weeks ago, we decided to put a blind retrieve into the lake for her to find and retrieve. This was a very large lake with plenty of ducks, moorhens and 2 beautiful swans on it, for plenty of distraction.It was quite a windy day, and a crosswind was blowing across the lake,causing quite a current. The 2 swans were not paddling, but just letting the current carry them along. It was decided, because of the strong current, that the retrieve would not be thrown too far out. So with Sassy turned away from the water, the dummy was thrown in. The current quickly took the dummy behind a load of reeds, so was well hidden.  Sassy was turned round to face the water, and sent into the freezing cold lake. She first quickly scoured the surface before entering to see where her target was. So not being able to spot the dummy that was hidden, she jumped in and swam out into the lake to get the only thing that wasnt moving on the water....THE SWANS. Now only about a metre away from it. the swan clocked her, reared up hissing at her and flapping its wings. Poor Sass actually thought they were shot birds as they were'nt moving. She is not the fastest of swimmers, but she was definately turbo boosted on the swim back, where she winded her dummy, and detoured to bring it in. It  greatly amused her audience, and apart from the fact i was concerned the swans would attack her, it made me chuckle too.

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