A Brief History of the Club


 The Founder Members started making plans for the club in the Spring of 1967 and held their inaugural meeting on 26th June .  By July they were ready to make application to the Kennel Club for registration and this was granted in October of 1967 and The American Cocker Spaniel Club of Great Britain was born.  The first AGM in 1968 saw a full compliment of Officers and Committee duly voted in and 57 members declared.  Enough interest in th breed meant they were ready to hold the first club open show

on 22nd August 1970 - the same year the Kennel Club gave us six sets of CC’s.  

A few years later the first club championship show was held in 1973.

Following the success of Am.Ch.Dreamridge Delegate in the Gundog Group at Crufts 1972, the club was informed that the breed was to be transferred to the Utility Group!  This resulted in a terrific furore amongst breeders and exhibitors, both home and overseas and generated a tremendous amount of support from other breeds.  The committee managed to get a meeting with members of the General Committee of the Kennel Club on 23rd July 1972, with the result that the ruling would be delayed for two years, during which time they were to prove the working ability of the breed and reduce the excessive coat.      

At that time the late Mr Dick Wylde played a great part by qualifying two of his bitches to their full title and nothing more was heard of the proposed move.

Although it has become more common for these lovely dogs to fulfil their working potential, Mr.Wylde’s were the last full champions in this country until Mrs Knapper-Weijland’s bitch qualified for her full title in 2007. 

She will not be alone for long as many other people are finding great pleasure allowing their dogs to do the job they were intended for and seeing American Cocker both in the field and at trials is no longer an unusual sight and they are becoming a common sight in the Gamwekeepers classes at Crufts.


The club has continued to prosper and now holds two Open Shows per year as well as the annual Championship Show.

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About the Club - A Potted History